Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancements and augmentation are an extremely effective medical procedure in

re-defining the contours of the lips providing fullness and volume to give a more youthful

appearance.  As we age our lips lose their plumpness and start to appear thinner.


Lisa’s lip enhancement procedure ensure that the lips are natural looking, balanced and

proportioned to the client's size and shape of face.


Just having your lips augmented slightly can make you appear years younger without it

being obvious that you have had anything done.


The availability of Juvederm with lidocaine means that no local anaesthesia is required apart from topical anaesthetic cream. The Dermal Fillers used for Lip

plumping are exactly the same as the Dermal Fillers used to correct lines and wrinkles.


They are homogenous, non-permanent, gels that feel soft and natural in the lips and are safe to use.